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Pola Luminate Teeth Whitening Pen

Pola Luminate Teeth Whitening Pen

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Pola Luminate Whitening Pen  - Contains 5.5ml of Hydrogen Peroxide Gel
  • Pola Luminate is an easy brush on application whitening gel which delivers fast & efficient results
  • The 6% hydrogen peroxide concentration ensures fast release of the peroxide ions to begin the bleaching process
  • Can be used day or night, no one will know you have it on!
  • Designed to fit easily into your pocket or handbag to be used wherever you find convenient
  • Each tube of Pola Luminate holds 5.5ml of whitening gel that can provide over 60 applications
  • Pola Luminate can be used for first time bleaching or is a great touch up procedure if you have already whitened your teeth before & want to maintain a bright white smile
  • The addition of fluoride remineralises the tooth surface and assists in reducing post-operative sensitivity
  • A long lasting spearmint flavour

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