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Oxyfresh Cavity Protection Fluoride Mouthwash 473ml

Oxyfresh Cavity Protection Fluoride Mouthwash 473ml

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Oxyfresh Cavity Protection Fresh Mint Fluoride Mouthwash is one of the most powerful fluoride mouthwashes, hands down. This exceptional breath-control mouthwash helps fight off plaque and is ideal for those who have sensitive teeth or are prone to cavities.

Oxyfresh's powerful fluoride mouthwash helps fight plaque and is ideal for people who are cavity prone, have exposed root surfaces, or suffer from periodontal disease. It’s the perfect formula for a truly radiant smile and fresh breath.

Oxyfresh use a safe and effective concentration of non-staining, neutral sodium fluoride to provide cavity-fighting protection without damaging your smile.

Oxyfresh has also added their secret ingredient Oxygene®, which guarantees the cleanest and freshest breath possible. Coupled with xylitol, their formula has been shown to fight the formation of plaque and bacteria … the culprits that cause tooth decay.

Oxygene® literally dissolves odour-causing microorganisms by attacking volatile sulphur compounds (VSCs), neutralising their odorous by-products and the harmful effect they have in the mouth.

Research has demonstrated a strong association between halitosis and periodontal disease due to the presence and damage caused by VSCs. By wiping out VSCs, you can count on longer lasting fresh breath protection and a healthier mouth.

Oxyfresh’s Oxygene®-based mouthrinses have formed a solid foundation for high-quality, cutting-edge oral health care products that will support any daily hygiene program.

Alcohol Free.