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DENTALPRO Interdental Brush Size 3 1.0mm Red Pack of 10

DENTALPRO Interdental Brush #3 1.0mm Red Pack of 10

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  • Revolutionary two stage bristles.
  • Ultrasoft slim bristles at the tip for easy insertion between teeth.
  • Regular bristles for thorough plaque removal.

Size0 Min Diameter 0.6mm, Wire dia 0.2mm. 
Size1 Min Diameter 0.7mm, Wire dia 0.23mm. 
Size2 Min Diameter 0.8mm, Wire dia 0.25mm. 
Size3 Min Diameter 1.0mm, Wire dia 0.28mm. 
Size4 Min Diameter 1.2mm, Wire dia 0.28mm. 
Size5 Min Diameter 1.5mm, Wire dia 0.35mm.