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Colgate SlimSoft Ortho Toothbrush

Colgate SlimSoft Ortho Toothbrush

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Colgate® SlimSoft Ortho Toothbrush, with U shaped bristle system, is designed to clean teeth in and around braces.

U shaped bristle design with spiral tapered bristles for effective cleaning around brackets and wires

Tapered bristles: each bristle is gently tapered to improve the efficiency of brushing and provide a better mouth feel for sensitive oral cavity.

Lateral bristles: designed to sweep plaque and food away from above and below the brackets. These flexible bristles are x17 slimmer* and designed to reach interproximally and along the gumline more effectively, providing a deeper clean

The white cental bristles designed to keep the bracket gates and corners clean by providing micromesh cleaning with 0.01mm bristle tips.

No-slip rubber grip