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BLIS K12 Fresh Breath Kit

BLIS K12 Fresh Breath Kit

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BLIS K12 is a natural solution for fresh breath. Few people are anxious to seek professional help for halitosis (bad breath). Mouthwash masks the symptoms and indiscriminately kills both the good and bad bacteria. But they re-populate quickly and the problem returns. BLIS K12 balances the microflora in your mouth, helping to eliminate the halitosis-causing germs while leaving room for more good bacteria to thrive.

BLIS K12 Fresh Breath Kit also contains a high strength anti-bacterial mouthwash which is designed to kill the odour causing bacteria. Like any other high strength anti-bacterial mouthwash, it also does not distinguish between good or bad bacteria.

BLIS K12 Fresh Breath Kit also contains BLIS K12 lozenges full of good bacteria that will help repopulate your mouth and throat with high numbers of beneficial BLIS K12 Streptococcus salivarius, a bacteria demonstrated to reduce bad breath.

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