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Philips Sonicare Elite+ Toothbrush - Black

Philips Sonicare Elite+ Toothbrush - Black

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Philips Sonicare Elite + Toothbrush Black
  • Removes up to 3X more plaque along the gumline*

    Removes up to 3x more plaque along the gumline than a manual toothbrush

  • Helps improve gum health

    Effectively helps improve gum health via a gentle cleaning action

  • Philips Sonicare toothbrush helps whiten teeth

    Gently removes stains for naturally whiter teeth

  • Timers encourage thorough 2 minutes of brushing

    It takes just 2 minutes to thoroughly brush your teeth. Our QuadPacer lets you know when you've spent the optimal amount of time on each section of your mouth while our Smartimer signals when your total time is up. Together they help you reach your recommended brushing time, every time.

  • Easy start program builds your Philips Sonicare routine

    Starting something new can take some getting used to. Our easy-start program gives you the option of a gradual, gentle increase in brushing power with the first 14 uses with your new toothbrush.

  • Battery life

    Lasts up to 10 days between charges.

  • Angled neck to help tackle cleaning in tough areas

    The unique shape of your Sonicare toothbrush handle combined with our brush heads means that even tricky spots like back teeth get a thorough clean.

  • Click-on brush head system

    This brush head clicks on and off your brush handle for a secure fit and easy maintenance and cleaning. It fits Philips Sonicare toothbrush PowerUp Battery and Elite+ handles.

  • Our unique technology brings you a powerful yet gentle clean

    Powerful sonic vibrations whip up your toothpaste into plaque fighting bubbles, and drive them deep between your teeth and along your gum line. At the same time your teeth will experience 31,000 gentle but effective brush movements. You'll get a month's worth of manual brushing in just 2 minutes.